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Here is an update on fishing on the Indian River Lagoon in Rockledge:

I went out for a late morning paddle. Got my kayak in the water @ 8:00 and fished the shore line and docks using a jig headed soft bait. Within 15 minutes I approached a small school of reds feeding around several pilings on a dock. I tried several casts but they wouldn't even look at my softbait. A friend that was fishing with me hit the dock with his lure and that was enough to spook and scatter them. I did manage to catch 8 trout and 3 ladyfish before 2:00 that day.


Archery has opened in central Florida on September 19. I hunted one of the WMA's Herky Hoffman/Bull Creek in Osceola County. I hunted some ripening persimmons over the course of 2 days but never saw the first pig or deer. Very wet with all of the rain we've been having. The 2 days hunted were poor days according to the solar/lunar time tables. This weekend however are 2 of the best days to hunt this month.

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